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Waist Training

What you need to know...

Everyone wants an hourglass figure, but which corsets are suitable for achieving that perfect figure??

The corsets in this collection are suitable for waist training; soft boning for beginners, spiral steel boning for serious waist trainers.

For starters, here is a basic guide on waist training;

1.) The first day you wear a corset, adjust it just to be fitting or snug, and wear it for 2-4 hours. You body needs to be accustomed to 'corset posture'.

2.) The rest of the first 2 weeks, increase the duration you wear a corset gradually by 1-2 hours, until you can comfortably wear a corset for a full day

(12-18 hours, removing to exercise/shower/sleep).

3.) Start to tighten gradually by 1 inch.

Things to note:

- Always listen to your body

- Do not over tighten if your body is not used to wearing a corset

- If you feel unwell while wearing a corset, do not take it off immediately. Instead, loosen it out and wait a while first before removing.

- Do not force bend your corset. Adhere your posture to the way the corset straightens your body. Force bending against the bones can result in damage to the corset and minor injury such as sprains and bruising to your body.

The latex waist trainers, aka "Fajas", are meant to be used during exercise.

For best results, use a Faja during exercise, and put on a corset immediately after showering, while your muscles are still warm.

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