How to Wear a Corset

If you have visited us at our various locations before, we always help lace our dear customers into the corsets of their choice. Then here comes the question: What if I'm alone? Can I put on a corset by myself?


The answer is: Of course you can!


With hundreds and thousands of experience in lacing ourselves and others into various corsets, we came out with this picture tutorial to guide you through different corset models available in our shop.


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Step 1: Loosening the corset

This applies to all corset models.


  • Make sure you don't expand the lacing too much, as it makes fastening more difficult.

Step 2: Fastening the corset

There are currently 4 types of openings for our corsets; busk, hook-eye, c-clasp and zip. 


Wrap your corset around your torso and follow the instructions below:



  • For corsets with modesty panels, while wrapping the corset around you from behind you, tilt the corset so the panel falls onto the back lacing. The panel will be in place when you wrap it on.

(A) Metal Busk


  • Hold the busk boning for better grip and easier manipulation. Hold the button side inwards, and the hook side outwards. (refer to picture a)


  • Once you got the middle button in, pull the busk bonings and keep them straight. It will become difficult to align and fasten the rest of the busk if you bend the boning forward/outward too much.


  • We normally fasten downwards, but sometimes it is easier going upwards first. 


  • For those with fuller busts and going for an underbust corset, make sure the top of the corset is under your bust by pulling the corset downwards and scooping your bust up. 

(B) Hook-Eye

(C) Metal C Clasp


  • Once you put the button through the loop in picture a, hold the bottom of the c clasp bonings and pull downwards to straighten and align the holes. The nose will not go through the hole on the button if the bonings are bent away.


  • Make sure you push the nose all the way through the hole to secure the fastening.

Step 3: Tightening the corset

Our corsets are mainly laced from bottom to top (tie on top), or from both top and bottom to the middle (tie in the middle).



  • If you are not used to wearing a corset, breathe normally when tightening your corset to avoid overtightening. 

(A) Tie on top


  • Pull and hold the ribbon tails slightly tighter then tie the butterfly knot. This helps to create a snug knot and prevents the ribbon from slipping.

(B) Tie in the middle

Tie a knot in the middle to secure the lacing. You can pull on the Xs to tighten specific areas and pass the extra length to the middle (refer to Step 3 (A) Tie on top).



  • Pull and hold the middle loops/ribbon tails slightly tighter, then tie the butterfly knot. This helps to create a snug knot and prevents the ribbon from slipping.

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