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You will need to measure yourself first before picking your corset size. Here, we briefly decribe how and where you should measure for different types of corsets;

Make sure you read about these too;

How to Read Our Size Chart

The measurements given on the size charts are taken with the corsets completely laced shut; i.e., the smallest possible body size you can achieve with the corset.


Our normal recommendation is to choose corsets that are at least 2 inches smaller than your natural waist size, but this can vary depending on your purpose of getting a corset and the corset design you choose. 


**Do note that all corsets are measured by hand, so the actual size maybe 0.5 inch smaller or bigger than in the size chart.



For our corsets, the main thing to look at when choosing your size is the waist measurements.


Using the size chart above as example, and assuming your waist size is 31;


Size XL:

Does not fit as you cannot tigthen the corset; thus will not help to create a smoother silhouette.


Size L:

Can tighten 1-2 inches. Mainly for fashion use to hide your love handle and smoothen out your sillhouette. Good for beginners. 


Size M:

Can tighten up to 4 inches. Mainly for waist cinching effect, to create a more distinct waistline. Normally recommended for bridal/waist cinching use. 


Size S:

Can tighten more than 4 inches. For people who are familiar with waist training, and to create a more dramatic tiny waist/hourglass look. 


The above applies to most people, except those with bust size DD and above which needs to check the corset's bust measurements too. 


1. Choose your corset size as normal.

2. Add 5 inches to the corset's bust measurement of the size you picked.

3. If your bust is equal or smaller than the "corset's bust measurement +5 inches", you should be able to fit in the corset; but if your bust is bigger, you will need to get a larger size or choose a different design with bigger bust measurements. 


Our corsets have different strength level mainly due to the differet fabric and closure material used. The corset's strength is written in each description, and can be use as a guide to help you choose the design suitable for your needs. Click here for more information. 

Please read the size chart carefully as we do not provide exchange or refund if you purchased the wrong size!

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